Diana Sofia Lozano
CORAH, 2023
Heuristic Ecologies // El Misterio de La Millonaria, 2023
Perennial Pyromancy, 2023
The Sweetness of the Hold, 2021
Poisoned Well II, 2021
Pyrokinesis, 2021
Convex Cues, 2022
Epiphytic Pairing, 2023
Defensive Masquerade, 2021
Suspended in the Iris, 2021
A Fruiting Body Is Responsible for Which of the Following, 2023
My Body is Covered in Galls, Each One a Measure of the Many Ways I Will Behave Without Moral Principles, 2021
Palingenesis (indeterminate phase), 2020
Summer, 2021
Veritable Becoming (intermediate phase), 2020
Untitled, 2020
Orchid Sports II, 2020
Winter, 2021
Play Fight, 2019
Spring, 2020
New Lovers, 2019
Blossom Stages Chandelier, 2019
Monstera Raver, 2019
Nectar Sweet, Pitfall Trap, 2019
Huntington Gardens (Diva), 2019
Christus-Krone, Chrisus-Strauss, 2019
Orchid Sports I, 2019

Diana Sofia Lozano (b.1992, Cali, Colombia), is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work uses the language of botanical hybrids; the naturally occurring, genetically modified, and the imagined. Lozano presents biomimicry as metaphors for identity construction at the intersections of gender, sexuality, and the politics of difference.

She is interested in the deconstruction of botanical taxonomic failures in order to reveal and redefine the boundaries of colonial identificatory practices and geopolitical borders.

Lozano has exhibited at Company Gallery, Wave Hill Gardens, Deli Gallery, Rachel Uffner Gallery, and Proxyco Gallery in NYC, Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, New Image Art in Los Angeles, Casa Prado in Barranquilla Colombia, Örebro Konsthall in Örebro Sweden, Parallel in Oaxaca Mexico, Arto Kyoto in Kyoto Japan, and Capsule Gallery in Shanghai China, among others.

Lozano is a 2021 MFA Graduate from Yale University.

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dianalozano92 at gmail dot com @_lloraras_