Diana Sofia Lozano

The Sweetness of the Hold, 2021

Accompanying texts by Tobi Kassim and Jodie Roland Hodson.

steel, dyed wool felt, resin clay, epoxy, silicone, “BermudaTriangle” & “Garden Dirt” fragrance oil, dark corn syrup, craft sand, cast aluminum, mirrored acrylic. sculpture: 16’ × 14’ × 8’

"Where can you find this plant but here? Not in Linnaeus’ Species Plantarum, where 6,000 botanical species come into unfamiliar names, a taxonomical regulation of colonial design. Do not dare name it....Has the plant been magnified or have we shrunk down? At this new resolution, what becomes clearer? The feeling of being dwarfed by this encounter is intensified as the viewer confronts a wall of mirrors. By refracting the body infinitely across the room, the viewer is dispersed like a virus, like a vine, like a dandelion weed making one million more of itself. The pollen is no longer richly yellow but a chrome-polished mirror, fracturing a formerly clear reflection of self."

Josie Roland Hodson

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