Diana Sofia Lozano

A Fruiting Body Is Responsible for Which of the Following, 2023

Steel, resin clay, wool roving, epoxy resin, acrylic
48 x 20 x 30 in

In anticipation of springtime, PROXYCO is proud to present Heuristic Ecologies, featuring the work of artists Diana Sofia Lozano (b.1992, Cali, Colombia) and Françoise Bagot (b.1940, Cabris, France). Heuristic Ecologies is curated by Paulina Ascencio Fuentes.

The organisms depicted in Heuristic Ecologies have found forms of resistance through hybridization. A concept widely explored in both postcolonial theory and horticulture, hybridization is the process of confrontation, exchange, and mutation that creates new forms of life and living. Occurring within contact zones –places of colonial encounters–the logic of resistance through cross-pollination implies adaptability and transformation not only to survive but to give life to stronger, thriving alliances.

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