Diana Sofia Lozano

Perennial Pyromancy, 2023

Parallel Oaxaca is proud to present Diana Sofia Lozano’s first solo exhibition in Mexico, Perennial Pyromancy.

Inspired by a non-hierarchical understanding of aliveness, Lozano contrasts plants sentience, pleasure and pain, as networks that communicate the signals beyond our recognition and the violent implementation of ideas of control towards nature. Re-considering what is considered to be alive and how a militarized /technological visualization of warmth is understood as a signifier of being alive dispossess territories from their natural agencies. In Perennial Pyromancy Diana Sofia Lozano creates a mimicry of heat where self-igniting bodies emanate warmth as an exchange of behavioral expression, which elevate plants spectrum of recognition, hybridization and fabulation. Questioning what is to be seen and the distractive slowness of a landscape for a plant intelligence, the sculptural installation by Lozano questions the villanization of both nature /femininity in western fables, inhabiting the in-betweens of adaptation and self-redefinition, her sculptures present themselves as temperamental and speculative forms and taxonomic entities that neglect defined limits provoking a reading of nature with generative expansion.

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